Latest News

Jan 2020

We have one change to the formula for 2020: we have increased the spinnaker penalty from .11 to .12, thus improving the rating of non spinnaker boats. For more details, please refer to the downloadable 2020 Review paper.

This year we are trying to improve the way data is made available to race organisers. We have therefore included the data, in CSV format, on our downloads page.

We try to only update the data once a year - very occasionally an obvious error is corrected mid season. The idea is that users need only download once a year, preferably just after our adjustments are published in late January.

We have also clarified the terms on which our data is used - see the terms and conditions page of the updated website. Our main concern is that there is only one set of SCHRS figures in circulation - to achieve this we need to assert ownership of our formula and data. If you want to use the data in a non-standard way please contact us.

Jan 2019

This year we are replacing the LTM penalty for square top mainsails with a simpler 0,1,2 system. For more details, please refer to the downloadable 2019 Review paper.

Jan 2018

Updated the site for 2018 including the Calculator, Rating Request forms, Annual Review and the Ratings for 2018, please refer to the in the downloadable 2018 Review paper.

Feb 2017

In 2017 we simplified the core formula to:

1.111 x W0.3
L0.325 x A0.41

where W is all up sailing weight, L is length and A is sail area. This has had little effect on the ratings but makes the formula easier to manage, the details are explained further in the downloadable 2017 Review paper.

Feb 2016

The 2016 review includes a major overhaul of the data. Wherever possible it is now in line with class rules. It also includes some minor changes to the formula which are explained in the downloadable 2016 Review paper.

Mar 2015

Inclusion of a Downloads page, replacing the original "Calculator" link and page. This now inlcudes the latest Calculator, Individual rating request form and the latest World Council review paper.

Feb 2015

The SCHRS ratings have been reviewed for 2015. A full description of the changes are given in the downloadable downloadable 2015 Review paper.

July 2014

The appointment of Jean-Claude Rouves as Chairman of SCHRS has been approved.

Feb 2014

Nick Dewhirst Chairman of the World Council of SCHRS sadly died in July 2013. This was a great loss to the world of catamarans where his experience and his persuasive quality were appreciated by all.

Following extensive discussions the Committee has appointed M. Jean-Claude Rouves as its new Chairman. According to the constitution we have applied for ratification from the World Sailing Equipment Committee, something that we expect to receive shortly.

The SCHRS ratings have been reviewed for 2014. A full description of the changes are given in the downloadable 2014 Review paper. Included are some provisional ratings for some foiling boats. So far data on the performance of these boats is scarce, and it may be necessary to review the figures during the season.

June 2013

Amended ratings for Nacra 16 and Nacra 17 following receipt of measurement data for production boats. Previous ratings were based on measurements on the prototypes.

April 2013

Correction to Sprint 15 DX, re-instatement of the application of the Rated Length adjustment.

Additional data for Formula 16 classes added at the request of the International Formula 16 Association.

February 2013

2013 Formula updates

Minor changes to the formula approved by the World Council for the 2013 sailing season including:

  • Adjustment to the crew weight assumption to recognise that smaller catamarans can be sailed by lighter people
  • Softening of the board correction penalty for long boards
  • Introduction of a formula for gennakers - headsails that can't be used upwind, but breach the 75% SMG/SF limit
  • Minor adjustment to the power factor calculation
  • Jib area diagram changed to conform with the method used by Texel

A full description of the changes are given in the downloadable 2013 Review paper.

May 2012

Hurricane 5.9 update

Review of Hurricane variants in the UK, incorporating up to date weights and the square top mains on the Hurricane SX.

March 2012

2012 Formula updates

Formula changed to address anomalies raised by the FFV, the Texel rating team and the F16 class. A full description of the issues and changes are given in the downloadable 2012 Review paper.

March 2011

Revised Board Correction

A new board correction (BC) formulation has been created to fix an anomaly in the previous formula, which has only become a problem now that very high aspect ratio boards are being used on some boats. The previous BC correction started reducing again for a board aspect ratio greater than 5, due to its quadratic nature. The new formulation is asymptotic such that it continues to increase and tend toward a final value for very high aspect ratio boards. The new formulation has very little effect except for boards with aspect ratios of 5 or more. The proposed formula is BC=15-15/(XB^0.1045)+2. XB is the aspect ratio of the board, there is no penalty for larger boards, just for the aspect ratio, which reflects efficiency.

A new method for measuring the length of the board (VLB) has been created this will give a very small penalty for curved boards, where depth will be measured around the circumference. It will also give a small penalty for T foils, as the length of the horizontal section will be included in VLB. This is an interim measure. A full review will be needed when and if curved boards and T foils start to show a significant and consistent advantage.