Last Updated: Mar-18

Please note that if your boat is shown below, but without a rating, this means that we do not have one or more of the measurable data points required to calculate a rating. If you have a full set of data points supported by a copy of your class rules and or a measurement certificate please forward them to an SCHRS representative for inclusion on the site.

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2Win Sonic1.285
2Win Sonic Solo1.266
2Win Twincat 13 without Spinnaker1.492
2Win Twincat 15 Sport1.233
2Win Tyka1.377
A-Class (Foils)0.973
A-Classic (straight/constant curve foils)1.002
AHPC Capricorn F181
AHPC Taipan 4.91.075
AHPC Taipan 4.9 Spinnaker1.026
AHPC Taipan 4.9 Solo1.097
AHPC Taipan 4.9 Solo Spinnaker1.033
Alado 18 Aileron1.088
Alado 18 F18 1
Bim 16 Double Spinnaker1.159
Bim 16 Javelin 16 Solo Spinnaker1.023
Bim 16 Javelin Double Spinnaker1.118
Bim 18 Class A (>100 Kgs)1.08
Bim 18 Double1.071
Bim 18 Double Sloop1.046
Bim 201.027
Bim Javelin 18 Hightech1.011
Bim Javelin 2 (not 18HT)1.042
Bimare X16 Double Spinnaker1.123
Bimare X16 Solo1.091
Bimare X16 Solo Spinnaker1.041
Bimare X16FPlus1.028
Bimare F161.035
Bimare X4 F181
Blade 16 Double light (WS < 123 kgs)1.012
Blade 16 Solo light (WS< 119 kgs)1.015
C 4.81.285
C 4.8 Major1.25
Cirrus 16 Q F 161.039
Cirrus 16 Q Solo F161.059
Cirrus B1 F181
Cirrus Ecole1.09
Cirrus Energy Regate1.112
Cirrus Energy Regate Solo1.144
Cirrus Evolution1.04
Cirrus Evolution Solo1.086
Cirrus F181
Condor 161.183
Dart 161.301
Dart 16 X Race Spinnaker1.235
Dart 181.215
Dart 18 Cat Boat1.23
Dart 18 Spinnaker1.169
Dart 201.096
Dart 20 TSX1.105
Dart 20 TSX Spinnaker1.068
Dart 60001.116
Dart Hawk F181
Dart Sting Double1.341
Dart Sting Solo (with jib)1.254
Dart Sting Solo (no jib)1.358
Diam 3 F18 1
Falcon F16 Double1.032
Falcon F16 Cat Boat1.051
Falcon 16 Double light (WS<123 kgs)1.012
Falcon 16 Solo light (WS<119 kgs)1.015
Flying Phantom0.895
Flying Phantom Essentiel0.946
Flying Phantom Essentiel side racks0.937
Formula 16 Double1.028
Formula 16 Solo1.041
Formula 181
Goodall C2 F181
Goodall Viper Double1.04
Goodall Viper Solo1.056
Gwynt 141.25
Hawke Surfcat 70201.291
Hawke Surfcat 7020 main only1.463
Hobie 131.578
Hobie 141.405
Hobie 14 race (with jib)1.278
Hobie 151.302
Hobie 161.193
Hobie 16 Easy1.294
Hobie 16 Spinnaker 1.143
Hobie 17 (without wings)1.21
Hobie 17 (with wings)1.196
Hobie 181.091
Hobie 18 Formula1.082
Hobie 18 Formula Spinnaker1.032
Hobie 18 Formula 1041.059
Hobie 18 Magnum (with wings)1.093
Hobie 18 SX1.11
Hobie 20 Formula1.011
Hobie 210.99
Hobie 21 Spinnaker0.944
Hobie 21 Spinnaker (3 Crew)0.981
Hobie 21 Formula0.943
Hobie Advance1.52
Hobie Catsy2.092
Hobie Dragoon Club1.475
Hobie Dragoon Xtrem1.409
Hobie Fox F200.962
Hobie FX One Cat Boat1.084
Hobie FX One Double1.043
Hobie FX Xtrem1.045
Hobie Getaway1.242
Hobie Max1.132
Hobie Max Youth1.143
Hobie Pacific (no Spinnaker no wings)1.132
Hobie pacific (Spinnaker no wings)1.087
Hobie Cat T1 1.44
Hobie Cat T1 Spinnaker1.386
Hobie Teddy1.579
Hobie Tiger F181
Hobie Twixxy1.43
Hobie Wave1.492
Hobie Wildcat F181
Hurricane 4.91.14
Hurricane 5.51.049
Hurricane 5.9 1.051
Hurricane 5.9 Spinnaker1.003
Hurricane 5.9 Sport1.021
Hurricane 5.9 SX1.02
Hurricane 5001.187
Hurricane 500 Spinnaker1.107
KL 15.5 - SL15.51.225
KL 161.172
KL 17 Power1.145
KL 17 Regate1.169
KL 17 Regate Spinnaker1.121
KL 17.5 Tonic (without Spinnaker)1.19
KL 18 Regate1.094
KL Booster1.132
KL Phoenix F181
M by Erplast1.49
M Race by Erplast1.406
Magic F181
Mattia 141.482
Mattia 161.246
Mattia 171.036
Mattia 18 (104)1.113
Mattia 18 (104) Spinnaker1.064
Mattia 18 F181
Mattia 18 Raid Spinnaker1.023
Mattia 201.042
Mattia 20 Sloop1.005
Mattia 20 Spinnaker1.031
Mattia 20 Venti1.018
Mattia Declic1.224
Mattia Esse1.09
Mattia Esse Solo1.188
Mattia Esse Sport1.038
Mattia Esse Sport Solo1.084
Mattia Flash F181
Mattia Smile1.13
Mattia Smile Sport1.093
Miracle 201.017
Miracle 20 (without Spinnaker)1.068
Mystere 2000 F201
Mystere 5.01.198
Mystere 5.0 Xl1.143
Mystere 5.5 Fun1.095
Mystere 5.5 Master1.059
Mystere 5.5 Master Spinnaker1.016
Mystere 6.00.989
Mystere Twister F181
Nacra 151.091
Nacra 16 Solo curved foils1.045
Nacra 16 Double curved foils 1.022
Nacra 16 Solo1.062
Nacra 16 Double1.038
Nacra 17 "C" foils0.991
Nacra 17 Olympic Class full foiler0.973
Nacra 18m21.093
Nacra F20 Carbon0.877
Nacra 20 One Design0.96
Nacra F181
Nacra 4.51.273
Nacra 4.5 Solo1.326
Nacra 4601.271
Nacra 460 Solo1.304
Nacra 460 Solo Spinnaker1.236
Nacra 460 Sport1.209
Nacra 5.0 Cat Boat1.256
Nacra 5.0 Double1.165
Nacra 5.0 Double Spinnaker1.125
Nacra 5.21.121
Nacra 5.2 Spinnaker1.077
Nacra 5.5 Raid1.088
Nacra 5.5 Raid Spinnaker1.038
Nacra 5.5 SL1.068
Nacra 5.5 SL Spinnaker1.025
Nacra 5.7 Race1.122
Nacra 5.7 Race Spinnaker1.084
Nacra 5.8 Spinnaker1.02
Nacra 500 Solo1.229
Nacra 500 Solo Spinnaker1.165
Nacra 500 Double1.171
Nacra 500 Sport Spinnaker1.119
Nacra 570 (without Spinnaker)1.088
Nacra 570 Sport Spinnaker1.04
Nacra 580 (without Spinnaker)1.057
Nacra 580 Sport Spinnaker1.012
Nacra 6.0 Spinnaker0.993
Nacra 6.0 Raid Spinnaker1.007
Nacra 6.0 SE Spinnaker0.98
Nacra Blast1.179
Nacra F17 Sloop1.043
Nacra F17 Solo1.071
Nacra F20 Carbon FCS0.856
Nacra Infusion F181
Nacra Inter17 Xl Solo 1.178
Nacra Inter17 Xl Solo Spinnaker1.108
Nacra Inter 18 F181
Nacra Inter 20 F200.97
New Cat F11.424
New Cat F21.467
New Cat Swing1.23
New Marine 16 Swing Cat Boat1.25
New Marine 16 Swing Double1.192
Paper Tiger1.325
Prindle 151.314
Prindle 161.236
Prindle 181.149
Prindle 18-21.089
Prindle 18-2 Spinnaker1.046
Prindle 191.065
Prindle 19 Spinnaker1.012
Prindle 19 Pacer1.082
Prindle 19 Pacer Spinnaker1.018
Prindle Play Cat1.294
Raptor F161.023
RS Cat 16 Club1.359
RS Cat 16 S1.333
RS Cat 16 XL1.273
S9 Stunt Solo1.107
Shadow X1.113
Shearwater Spinnaker1.187
Shockwave F181
SL 15.5 - KL15.51.225
SL 161.14
SL 5.21.081
Spitfire S1.033
Sprint 15 Cat Boat1.402
Sprint 15 DX1.215
Sprint 15 GTI1.394
Sprint 15 Sport Solo1.274
Stealth F16 Double1.011
Stealth F16 Solo1.014
Stingray 5.51.026
Supercat 15 Solo1.217
Supercat 15 Double1.154
Supercat 17 1.081
Supercat 191.046
Supercat 200.974
Supercat 20 Tall rib0.94
Thundercat 181.078
Tomahawk F200.991
Topaz 14C1.429
Topaz 14CX Spinnaker1.372
Topaz 14Xtreme1.274
Topaz 16C1.31
Topaz 16CX1.253
Topaz 16S1.378
Topaz 16S Spinnaker1.309
Topcat 4.5 Solo1.224
Topcat Chico1.751
Topcat F11.36
Topcat F21.299
Topcat K1 Classic1.156
Topcat K1 Streamcut1.085
Topcat K1 Regatta Spinnaker1.043
Topcat K2 Classic1.184
Topcat K2 Streamcut Regatta1.14
Topcat K2 Spinnaker1.096
Topcat K3 Classic1.24
Topcat K3 Streamcut1.194
Topcat K3 Regatta Spinnaker (no jib)1.145
Topcat K3 Solo (no jib)1.229
Topcat K3 Solo Regatta Spinnaker (no jib)1.17
Topcat K4X Classic1.337
Topcat K4x Streamcut1.289
Topcat K4X Spinnaker1.241
Topcat Spifire 2.31.121
Topcat Spitfire 2.51.117
Tornado 0.949
Tornado 24m2 Spinnaker0.98
Tornado Classic1.037
Tropic GTI1.141
Tropic GTI Spinnaker1.094
Ventilo 181.043
Ventilo 18 HT1.011
Ventilo 6090.966
Ventilo M3 Cat Boat Spinnaker0.981
Ventilo Quickie1.021
Ventilo Zippo1.065
Warp 181.136
Warp 18 Spinnaker1.088
Whisper 0.947
The following have been given individual SCHRS ratings
M20 Flying Vampire (GBR 1)0.833
Cirrus Ocean (FRA 97492)1.058
Catamaran NAU1.545
Mattia F500 Double (FRA118) 1.04
Mattia F500 Double (FRA104) 1.04
M20 Flying Vampire (GBR 111)0.833
Eagle 18HT Carb. Sloop Double (FRA 5)0.986
Eagle 18HT Carb. Cat Boat Solo (FRA 5)0.977
Ventilo (SUI 101)0.973
Ventilo (SUI 901)0.914
M3 Flyer (SUI 190)0.997
Mattia F500 Solo (FRA118) 1.083