The « International Small Catamaran Rating System » or « SCHRS ».

The objects of the SCHRS World Council are:

  1. To be the International Authority for the SCHRS.
  2. To promote and develop fair SCHRS multihull racing under uniform rules throughout the world.
  3. To provide a structure for rating management and for the exchange of information among sailors to enhance the enjoyment of these multihulls.
  4. To enable trampoline multihulls of various types to race together on a comparative basis, and to protect the interests of the owners in keeping development under control without hindering further research.


The International SCHRS shall be governed by its World Council in accordance with:

  1. The provisions of this Constitution and any Regulations passed under this Constitution.
  2. Any policies for the operation of the System determined by the World Council.
  3. Or any directives or guidelines established by the World Council.

World Council

  1. The World Council of the SCHRS Group shall have the following officers:
    1. President
    2. Four Vice Presidents, from at least two continents
    3. Honorary Treasurer
    4. Chairman of Technical Committee
  2. The members of the World Council are persons who are considered to have the relevant experience and interest in this aspect of the SCHRS; membership should reflect the involvement of the Nations interested in racing under SCHRS. Candidates are to be proposed for election at Council meetings.
  3. The President and Vice Presidents are elected by the World Council and approved by World Sailing.
  4. The normal Term is four years, and eligible for re-election.

World Council Meetings

  1. Elected Members of the World Council shall have one vote each and the Chairman of the Technical committee shall not have a vote.
  2. At any World Council meeting only resolutions of which notice has been given in accordance with this Constitution may be proposed and no amendments thereto shall be permitted, unless the amendment is accepted by the proposers of the resolution.
  3. Proposals for amending the Constitution and Rating System shall be by special resolution to a meeting of the World Council.
  4. Voting at World Council meetings shall (unless otherwise stated by this constitution) be by simple majority of the votes cast. In the event of a tied vote the President shall have a casting vote. If the President is absent from the meeting the Chairman of the meeting shall have a casting vote.
  5. A special resolution shall be passed at a World Council meeting only if 2/3rds or more of the votes cast are in its favour.
  6. Copies of all minutes and annual accounts shall be supplied to World Sailing.

Technical Commitee

  1. The Chairman of the Technical Committee shall be appointed by the World Council on an annual basis, but with no fixed limit to the period of office.
  2. The World Council will appoint a Technical Committee consisting of a Chairman plus up to 6 other members.
  3. The function of the Technical Committee is:
    1. To advise the World Council on any technical matters relevant to the SCHRS.
    2. In conjunction with the Technical Department of the World Sailing, to ensure that the fairness of the SCHRS formulation is properly exercised.
    3. To investigate any query by a boat owner regarding the design or specification of this boat, and to report to the World Council.
    4. To consult with the manufacturers on any development of the boat or equipment.
    5. To ensure that the boats at events comply with the rating system and rating certificates.
    6. To maintain and develop the SCHRS website and promulgate technical information regarding the system and rated boats.


  1. This Constitution may only be amended by a special resolution for which notice has been duly given and which is duly proposed and passed at a World Council meeting pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Constitution and World Sailing.


  1. The Officers shall not be obliged to do any of things required of them by these rules if the World Council shall not reasonably be expected to be in funds sufficient to pay their reasonable cost and expenses by the time these costs and expenses are estimated to come due.
  2. In the execution of their powers and duties under this constitution no officer or other member of the World Council shall be liable for any loss to any of the members or former members of the World Council or to the assets of the World Council by reason of any mistake or omission made in good faith by him or any other officer or member or for any other matter other than willful and individual wrongdoing omission or fraud on the part of the person who is sought to be made liable.

Law and Jurisdiction

  1. The proper law of the SCHRS and World Council shall be English law and this Constitution shall be construed, take effect and be enforced accordingly.
  2. The decision of the World Council shall be final in matters of the management of SCHRS and only if the actions or decisions of the World Council are disputed formally in writing by any member or group of members of World Sailing. The decision of the World Council shall be final, subject to the judgement of a court of proper jurisdiction in the circumstances applying English law as provided in Article 19.1.